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Due Diligence

 (All prices in USD) This module provides an overview of the due diligence you perform, and explains the four forms it takes - company/financial, contractual, price, and proposed solution/s. The key part of this module is within the Due Diligence Checklists, a critical set of tools for those considering a Due Diligence exercise.


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Going to Market & Request for Proposal

 (All prices in USD) This module provides a methodology of how to set up and prepare the bidding process, focusing on going to market and getting the best responses. It outlines the competitive stages you may want to consider, preparing a request for bid (commonly referred to as a Request for: Tender, Quotation, Proposal (RFT, RFQ, RFP), and facilitating bids.


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Governance Charter

 (All prices in USD) This module shows you how to prepare a Governance Charter, a key document in promoting good governance of a contract. It defines the management roles and responsibilities of each party, the meetings and reviews, and the processes surrounding issue, dispute, and variation management- all critical to the success of your deal.


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Outsourcing Configuration Strategy

 (All prices in USDThe Configuration Strategy is the high-level structural choices an organization must make in crafting its outsourcing portfolio. This module will help you make and manage your configuration decisions, and will give you a structured way to understand and design the agreements you have in place, or are thinking of putting in place.


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Pricing Options & Financial Schedule

 (All prices in USD) This guide describes the three basic pricing options for an outsourcing contract, providing the rationale, risks, and management issues behind them. The purpose of going through these options is to enable you to choose the ones that will work best for each deal.


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Provider Evaluation & Selection

 (All prices in USD) This module provides guidance on how to set up and conduct an evaluation of service providers, focusing on determining best value for money. It provides a structured methodology designed to assist you in evaluating competitive offers from service providers. It can be applied to a competitive situation, where you have issued a request for a bid from any number of potential service providers, or where you have received closed quotations (invitation only) from only a few.


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Service Level Agreements

 (All prices in USDThis guide provides you with the structure, methodology, templates and examples to help you successfully draft a Service Level Agreement (SLA). It begins with a discussion of how a SLA forms part of the suite of governing documents including the contract conditions. It then provides an overview of the key components of an SLA and describes each component, giving cases and examples to help clarify the intention of the techniques presented.


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The Outsourcing Lifecycle

 (All prices in USDThe Outsourcing Lifecycle module is the first in the series and gives you an overview of the structured process for you to make decisions, implement and manage outsourcing from pre-contract to contract end.


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